Your Country’s non-conformity to this Law

Education assumes that the right thinking for the country’s development is a given in any society and thus, focuses on building the remaining two development pillars, namely knowledge and skills. The assumption is however wrong. The world that you and I grew up in prevents the African mind from growing the attitudes that are critical to development (details are prefaces of our story books). The absence of these attitudes in the African mind-set denied you, me and the rest of the Africans the right thinking for the country’s development!

Consequently, your country, to go back to our previous metaphor, is like food sitting on the ground because one of its cooking stones is missing (Illustration 2). This food can not get ready no matter how long you cook it; for the law of physics is such that cooking heat moves bottom-upwards and not sides-inwards. The best that food can become are small portions of it, in the sides of the sauce pan touched by the fire flames, getting ready while the rest stays uncooked!  Just a handful of people get served.

The absence of the right thinking for society’s development makes it impossible to move your country out of poverty and underdevelopment, in the same way the missing cooking stone makes it impossible to cook food and it gets ready (Illustration 2). Just as food cooked this way ends up feeding a handful of people at best, your country’s economic growth ends up benefiting a handful few at best and thus, overall staying poor and underdeveloped (Figure 1).